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3 Benefit of Common Sunflower Husk, It is common, but not useless

Common Sunflower husk, Lovell, Wyoming As winter fades and the green of spring slowly starts its advance, last years Common Sunflower husks remain standing in the sun.
My spirit provoked a thought, that despite other people's views of us being past my prime, It is my choice to still be useful and beautiful in my world! Although I may be a husk of my 20 somethingness, I choose to stand tall in the sun and be a positive example/roll model to those who are coming behind me!

Other Benefits of Sunflowers, from Seeds to Oil

This sunflower which has the Latin name Helianthus annuus comes from North America. With a bright yellow color and a shape that resembles the sun, this plant has benefits that can be obtained from the oil content and seeds, you know!

What are the health benefits of this sun-shaped flower?

Benefits of sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds or commonly known as kuaci (in indonesiaare a good source of nutrients. These seeds contain vitamin E which is also known as gamma-tocopherol which is a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidant compounds are found in many nuts and seeds, of which kuaci is one of them. The function of antioxidants that are well known is to fight the dangers of free radicals inside.

In addition, for those of you who like to snack on kuaci, it is good for improving heart health. The content of nutrients in the kuaci can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and can prevent hypertension.

In addition, other benefits of sunflower seeds are as follows.

1. Helps combat osteoporosis and muscle cramps

2. Prevent diabetes

3. Help maintain healthy skin

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